Safety is our number one goal


In Melbourne alone, the number of cyclists on the cities’ roads has soared by up to 50 per cent during peak hour in the past year. There are approximately 50,000 reported bicycle accidents in the US and 17,000 cycle accidents in the UK per annum. In Australia cyclists account for about 11 per cent of persons seriously injured in road crashes each year. Cycling has significant health and environmental benefits for the community, but cycling on the roads has risks that need to be recognised by cyclists and motorists alike.

Is enough being done to safely accommodate the growing number of cyclists on the roads? Market research indicates that the interaction between cars and bicycles, particularly in urban areas, continues to be a source of conflict for riders and drivers alike. Many of the responses received highlight that motorists tend to see cyclists as a nuisance and are not always willing to share the road. Two in three drivers (66%) say they find cyclists hard to see and a similar proportion (65%) qualify them as a road hazard outright. One-in-four (26%) say they have had an accident or a near miss with a cyclist.

Our mission is to launch an innovative product which can make cycling safer by helping cyclists warn motorists and pedestrians and become more visible. By incorporating an electronic warning device into the hand grip. It is a safer alternative to existing bells as the rider can operate the sonic grip without taking their hands off the handlebar. The benefit is they can operate the sonic grip and the handbrake at the same time, and can keep both hands securely on the handlebars while sounding the alarm. Operating at 100db, it is loader than the traditional bell so can alert motorists and pedestrians of your presence earlier and hopefully reduce more potential accidents before they happen.