35 Good reasons To Stay Safe


On average there are thirty five cyclists killed on Australian roads each year, with more than 2,500 seriously injured. Elsewhere the numbers are much higher - 50,000 reported accidents in the US, 17,000 in the UK each year, with many more going unreported.

Sonic Grip is a patented electronic warning device for the 21st century, integrated neatly into the grips of your existing bicycle for fast, safe and easy access. Unlike traditional bells, at 100db Sonic Grip is loud enough to be heard over busy traffic and the hustle and bustle of modern life. 


Safety comes first everywhere


It’s not only on our roads where safety is a priority. Bikes & scooters are regularly ridden on footpaths, weaving in and out of pedestrians.  With Sonic Grip riders are able to easily warn others they are approaching. Helping to eliminate the potential for accidents and creating a safer environment for everyone.


The Grips


Sonic Grips are encased in a moulded plastic housing which is water and low impact resistant. Combined with quality rubber from cycling specialists VELO and powered by a long life and easy to replace battery.

Using only one allen key the grips are easily fitted to any bicycle.


Continued development

We are committed to improving safety for cyclists everywhere no matter their choice
of bicycle. Design and development for Sonic Grips to be fitted to road/racing bikes is already underway!

Sonic Grips will be available in a select range of colours. Custom colour combinations will be available for large orders, with options for  housing, trigger and rubber. We are also currently working on introducing several new bicycle grip designs including an ergonomically designed hand grip for extra rider comfort.